Medical Recruitment Services

Rila Institute of Health Sciences has a 20-year history of working with the Healthcare sector in the UK and abroad. Rila is a key player in Postgraduate Medical training and collaborates with many UK National Health Service, UNRWA and other professional organisations to deliver accredited medical programmes.

Rila has placed healthcare professionals in key roles e.g. GPs with a Special Interest, Hospital Practitioners and Clinical Assistants.

Rila is now actively involved in recruiting, International Medical Graduates and EU registered clinicians into middle grade and training grades for the Hospital sector to work in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Hospital Training programmes (1-2 years)

Clinicians must meet the following minimum requirements:

a. International Medical Graduates (IMG):

  • IELTS, Plab 1 and Plab 2, and provisional registration with the GMC (General Medical Council)

b. EU Graduates:

  • GMC provisional registration

The pathway indicated below will be followed to secure a hospital posting.

  1. Mandatory initial interview technique training sessions. Experience indicates that many overseas doctors have inadequate techniques and to greatly improve the chances of being offered a position, Rila Institute of Health Sciences run a 1 day focused practical skills “Interview Techniques” sessions. There is a fee payable for these sessions.
  2. Candidates CV and application will then be submitted to the appropriate organisations, within the NHS in England, seeking to place clinicians in training positions.
  3. If the candidate is offered a position, they may be expected to participate in 1-2 days “Soft Skills” development programme. This is usually funded by the employing authority.
  4. The employing organization will at the same time initiate the process for required documentation for GMC and the Home Office etc. for visa purposes.
  5. The candidate will usually be offered a 1-2 year post, subject to satisfactory performance.
  6. In year 1 the employing organization will fund the cost of a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip, there is a choice of over 10 programmes). This is a work-based programme. The clinician would be salaried at the usual rates for the job they are fulfilling. The final award would be from University of Plymouth School of Medicine & Dentistry.
  7. In year 2, subject to satisfactory clinical performance, the employing organization will fund the cost of an MSc in Clinical Sciences, provided the Postgraduate Diploma was successfully completed. Again, this would be a work-based MSc delivered by Rila Institute of Health Sciences and the University of Plymouth. The clinician would be continued to be salaried. The final award is from Rila Institute of Health Sciences and the University of Plymouth.
  8. At the completion of the 1 or 2-years programme, the clinician will have 3 main options:
  • Return to their native country having gained 1-2 years of high-quality clinical training and with a minimum of a Postgraduate Diploma, and for those who continue to complete 2 years, additionally an MSc in Clinical Sciences
  • Apply for formal Deanery training, which is competitive, and suitable if the individual is looking to eventually becoming a Consultant. Having followed either 1 or 2 years of training may permit exemption from some of the time duration of Deanery training and of course, the one or both of the qualifications (PG Dip or PGDip and MSc), would be major contributions to the points system in the selection procedure.
  • Continue in the post and look to securing a permanent post e.g. Trust clinician, Staff grade clinician, etc.

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